Mattress Topper 

  • PHP 15,499.75 - PHP 28,599.75 Out of stock
    "The Premium Touch Latex Topper uses natural latex that is naturally elastic and highly resilient adapting to the movement of the body.- Uses natural latex that is naturally elastic and highly resilient adapting to the movement of the body, correcting spinal alignment, and promotes good blood circulation and pressure relief.- Open cell structure aids in...
  • PHP 11,299.75 - PHP 27,399.75 2In Stock
    The Senso Memory Ultima Plus Mattress Topper combines specially formulated Hydragel® beads with a Cooler® knit fabric cover for a refreshingly cooler, comfortable sleep. Its extra plush form reduces pressure points and alleviates body pain.- Senso Memory® foam conforms to the shape of the head, distributes weight evenly and alleviates pressure points....
  • PHP 6,999.75 - PHP 16,899.75 3In Stock
    The Senso Memory® Foam Mattress Topper is designed to provide an extra layer of plush comfort to your mattress. Visco-elastic foam allows the surface to blend with the body's contour, alleviating pressure points and body strains while you sleep.Enriched with the smooth, refined finish of a premium knitted fabric.Treated with Sanitized® which effectively...
  • PHP 6,299.75 - PHP 11,199.75 2In Stock
    The Perfect Serenity Nuovoluxe Topper has a unique formulation provides additional support and exceptional pressure relief.- Made with Nuovoluxe® foam, a highly resilient foam engineered to reduce pressure points and increase air circulation for recovering comfort.- Enriched with the smooth, refined finish of a premium knitted fabric.- Treated with...
  • PHP 3,839.80 - PHP 8,479.80 PHP 6,699.75 2In Stock
    Reduced price!
    Comfort Cloud Memory topper is a cushioned layer that provides an enhanced soft comfort to improve user's quality of sleep. It is a less dense memory foam that is more affordable than the traditional memory foam. It provides serene and cloud like comfort.
  • PHP 4,349.75 - PHP 6,449.75 Out of stock
    Upgrade your sleep comfort without breaking the bank. The Hypersoft Mattress Enhancer offers an extra layer of cushion that gently cradles you into a relaxing, restorative sleep. It is made from high quality foam that helps ease pressure points so you are spared from uncomfortably tossing and turning. It comes with mattress straps to keep the topper in...
  • PHP 2,359.75 - PHP 3,749.75 Out of stock
    "The Edge Collection Mattress Topper by Uratex does onders to complement your mattress for a perfect night's sleep. This latest collection is specially developed to promote a good, healthy sleep. It has a unique technology that infused. Edge foam by Uratex with activated charcoal and anti-static features to calm both the body and the mind. Its anti-static...
  • PHP 2,299.75 - PHP 3,199.75 2In Stock
    "The Basic Naturals Collection will revive your senses, bringing you into sleep oasis. Each product is designed for comfort that is ideal for relaxing and sleeping. It uses simple earth tones that adds a touch of nature into your home.The Cedar Mattress Topper adds a layer of tufted cushion that easily fits on top of your mattress. It uses high-quality...
  • PHP 1,349.75 - PHP 1,949.75 1In Stock
    The Permahard Bio- Aire Mattress Pad is ideal for people who prefer a mattress with a firm feel. Its convoluted surface promotes good air ventilation, allowing air to flow freely. Aside from its pressure relieving features, its egg crate form contours at the body's shape and helps prevent bed sores, making it ideal for orthopedic use.
  • PHP 999.75 - PHP 1,699.75 Product available with different options
    Product available with different options
    Designed to protect the mattress from liquid, stains, and odor, the Kensington Mattress Protector is made of water repellent fabric. It allows a majestic sleep experience and helps prolong the life of the mattress by ensuring it is always fresh and clean.
  • PHP 999.75 - PHP 1,699.75 2In Stock
    Complement your slumber with luxurious comfort using the Premium Touch Mattress Protector. Made with water repellent fabric, this extra layer of protection serves as an active defense against liquid, stains, and odor. It helps maintain a fresh, clean sleeping environment and prolongs the quality of the mattress.
  • PHP 949.75 - PHP 1,649.75 2In Stock
    Recommended for orthopedic use or for people who prefer a mattress with a medium firm feel, the Uratex Bio-Aire Mattress Pad has pressure relieving features that helps prevent bed sores. Its convoluted surface promotes good air ventilation and its foam contours to the body's shape.

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